[XML-SIG] Experiences with XML signing and encryption?

Harry George hgg9140 at seanet.com
Fri Sep 10 07:27:13 CEST 2004

I don't have direct experience on the topic.   A friend (Larry Bugbee,
are you on this list?) has been expeimenting with pyxmlsec.  

When I last looked, it was a lot of special-purpose C extensions.   
That bothered me because of the opportunities for security-damaging
bugs.   I recommended using libxml2+xmlsec and putting SWIG-based python
bindings on that (as you suggest).

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 14:58:48 +1000
Malcolm Tredinnick <malcolm at commsecure.com.au> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> We are about to start working on a project that will involve having to
> do some (correctly implemented) XML signing and encryption work. I do
> not have any real experience with Python libraries for doing this.
> Can anybody share some real-world war stories about doing this sort of
> thing in Python? My normal method -- find one of Uche's articles where
> he has written about this -- does not seem to be working this time.
> My "if all else fails" plan is to use the xmlsec library (on top of
> libxml2) and write Python bindings if needs be, since I quite like the
> library. But I would rather use something with proven bindings if
> possible.
> Cheers,
> Malcolm
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