[XML-SIG] XBEL xslt stylesheet

Narve Saetre narve at machina.no
Thu Jan 6 21:46:40 CET 2005

>Yes, this URL is no longer valid, but Joris sent me his XSLT stylesheets a 
>month ago. If you like, I can upload them to 'secure' webspace. I'm able to 
>provide webspace for other stylesheets, too. So if you're interested, we can 
>collect good styles and offer them under a unique url?
Good idea -- having nice, working stylesheets available is always good 
if you have xml files and you want to display them quickly. Since your 
web site seems to be the main page for XBEL related work, it would be 
the natural place to host XBEL stylesheets. And of course, broken links 
are evil, so it is better to host the stylesheets yourself:)

Narve Sætre
Partner / Machina Networks as / +47 41915331

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