[XML-SIG] Posting XML to a database

Greg Lindstrom greg.lindstrom at novasyshealth.com
Sat Mar 12 17:23:28 CET 2005

I'd like to thank everyone here and on the 4Suite list for all the help 
provided the past few days.  I'm up on my feet with xml and learning 
more every hour.  I have been playing with xml for a few days now and am 
to the point where I can dissect and process an xml document.  Though I 
have a lot yet to learn, my next concern is storing xml in a database.  
I have read snippets that there is information  to post to MySQL, I find 
no index listing for xml in my MySQL reference manual.  Our database of 
choice is postgress, but a google of "xml" and "postess" returns about 
390,000 hits, which would take me all day to wade through :-).

Is it possible to post an xml document to a database and, if so, does it 
allow queries similar to xpath?  Is documentation available and where 
can I get my hands on it?  I'm open to using MySQL or Postgress.  Though 
I have access to an Oracle database, we do not administer it and I am 
certain that the owners will not let me use it for this purpose.

I'm back to working on dissecting rather complex xml documents (health 
care claim data in EDI X12 format).  Any information you could provide 
to my above questions would be greatly appreciated.


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