Typing-sig August 2021

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  • 19 discussions

PEP 655: Marking individual TypedDict items as required or potentially-missing
by David Foster
2 days, 10 hours

Thoughts on a typing.Self?
by gobot1234yt@gmail.com
2 months, 3 weeks

Meetup to discuss Callable Syntax
by S Pradeep Kumar
3 months, 2 weeks

How to pass a reference to a protocol class
by Andreas Stenius
5 months

by Paul Bryan
5 months, 1 week

Optional protocol fields
by Sebastian Rittau
5 months, 1 week

Discussion forum for typing Q&A and review requests
by Sebastian Rittau
5 months, 1 week

Support for sealed classes
by Adrian Freund
5 months, 1 week

Discussion on Compose type operator
by Alfonso L. Castaño
5 months, 1 week

Next tensor typing meeting: 16th August
by Matthew Rahtz
5 months, 1 week
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