[AstroPy] Job ad: 8 new positions in LSST data management

Mario Juric mjuric at lsst.org
Tue Dec 9 16:28:49 EST 2014

Hi everyone,
	I wanted to bring to your attention ads for eight job openings to work
on algorithm and software development for LSST:


These include:

  * Princeton University: Postdoctoral Position in Software (x2)
  * University of Pennsylvania / Princeton University:
      Position in LSST Data Management and Galaxy Surveys
  * University of Washington:
      Postdoctoral Position with the Survey Science Group
  * University of Washington: Research Scientist Positions (x3)
  * SLAC: Senior Software Engineer, Distributed Systems / Big Data

We're generally looking for broad, talented people who love to think
about algorithms, write code, can learn quickly, and have experience
with Python and/or C++.

Our goal is to write a scalable open source Python/C++ data processing
and analysis system for LSST, while reusing code (and contributing to)
existing community efforts whenever possible. If you get warm fuzzies at
the thought of collaboratively writing a system that will process
petabytes of data on 150k+ cores, enable research ranging from killer
asteroids to dark energy, and add to the open source codebase that the
community can reuse in the future, please give us a look!

Thanks (and do feel free to e-mail me with any questions!),
Mario Juric,
UW Astronomy Faculty | UW eScience | LSST DM Project Scientist
Web : http://research.majuric.org      Phone : +1 609 933 1033

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