[PyBel] ASBL/VZW creation?

Stephane Wirtel stephane at wirtel.be
Wed Aug 10 11:40:31 EDT 2016

Hi Didrik,

On 08/10, Didrik Pinte wrote:
>On 5 August 2016 at 15:30, Stephane Wirtel <stephane at wirtel.be> wrote:
>> We first need to setup an asbl/vzw/VoG.
>>> This will help if we organise pyconbe or/and europython (and also for
>>> pythonfosdem)
>> Setup an asbl/vzw/VoG is a requirement if you want to receive some
>> sponsors.
>I think it is really needed. I would be very happy to donate to support
>various things but that will have to go through my company, which will also
>require a legal entity to donate to.
Yep, I understand and it's my case with my freelancer status. I can give 
time but not money.

>> but I am totally agree with you. without that, we are not a legal entity
>> and we can't organise the PyCon.BE or EuroPython in Belgium for 2019/2020.
>If we want to go this way, I can ask a lawyer to draft the articles of
>association. There will be some specific criteria to be filled in, in
>particular if there is a will to organize larger events in the future.
In the case of EuroPython, there is the EuroPython Society.

For PyCon.be, we do agree with you, we need good statuses, but what do 
you propose for the specific criteria.
>I suggest people interested in investing some time in the ASBL/VZW contact
>me directly. We will organise a meeting shortly and discuss the various
>details. How does that sound?
Firstly, we need to have some active members. Secondly, why you directly 


>-- Didrik
>For reference, here is a good link in English:

Stéphane Wirtel - http://wirtel.be - @matrixise

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