[Catalog-sig] Adding trove categories

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Sat Mar 4 16:47:13 CET 2006

>>  Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: HTTP Servers
>>  Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Indexing/Search
>>  Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Site Management
>>  Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Site Management :: Link Checking

If at all possible, you do not want a hierarchy.  What you want is a
way to attatch meta-data to the project and search for intersections
of relevancies.

So -- CAPS (our main product) is a framework.  It is also a workflow system.
You can connect it to the internet, but you do not have to.  There is
a WWW client if you want one, we have others that aren't webbish at

The more versatile you are, the harder time you will have fitting into
a pre-existing heirarchy.  Which may be the whole reason you wrote the
thing in the first place -- you judged the functionality of existing
offerings inadequate precisely because they were limited by somebody's
heirarchical expectations, and you refused to be boxed in.


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