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Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Fri Oct 10 00:04:37 CEST 2008

Am 09.10.2008 17:18 Uhr, Martin v. Löwis schrieb:
>>> Did you consider offering to host and manage PyPI *instead* of creating
>>> this mirror?
>> What is the background for this question? Right now we have the problem
>> that we must have the eggs and source code archive available for doing
>> buildout - we don't depend on the metadata and the PyPI software itself.
>> Are you asking because your server setup is too limited or needs further
>> resource concerning reliability and availability?
> I'm concerned that PyPI will fork, and that users have to chose between
> your installation, and PyPI, in particular for publishing packages
> (I assume that initially, uploading to your infrastructure might not
> be possible, but what you describe sounds like a good starting point for
> a package repository).

Nah...no fear...there is no intention to fork PyPI - especially PyPI 
will remain the master and the replication provides _only_ the download 
support. There is absolutely no intention for providing _any_ kind of 
upload possibility - never ever. Consider being it like the CPAN mirrors.

> I don't think the machine running pypi.python.org is too limited, but
> in order to provide the availability you complained is missing, having
> full-time personnel managing it would be useful (not because it needs
> constant maintenance, but so that somebody is there who can respond
> quickly).

If there would be an easy way to replicate the PyPI backend (no idea 
about the implementation - any RDBMS involved) then there are likely
volunteers taking over the resources for a mirror of the current backend.

> So if you would host PyPI on these machines, it might be that the
> mirroring software becomes unnecessary, and that the added redundancy
> and maintenance staff can provide what you need without creating
> a separate repository.

Please tell us how a distributed PyPI backend would look like..one 
requirement would be that the software and database part (if any) have 
to be in a good shape - the last time I tried the PyPI software I have 
not had the best impression.

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