[Chicago] Fwd: March meeting

Ted Pollari tcp at mac.com
Thu Mar 5 21:15:20 CET 2009

On Mar 5, 2009, at 11:50 AM, Carl Karsten wrote:

> I have been attending another group that has a similar demographic  
> to chipy. they make a point of not moving the meeting around.  The  
> fact that no one has to put any effort into "where is the  
> meeting?" (both securing a venue, and figuring out where to attend)  
> seems like a plus.

Then ChiPy's long standing habit of moving around brings good balance  
to your life...

More importantly, however, rarely has it seemed like we were really  
having to work extra hard for a place to hold the meeting, so the  
above objection doesn't seem that weighty.  Additionally, by moving it  
around, you give more people and businesses the chance to host -- some  
companies, particularly those with interests in recruiting, may see  
this as a plus, when they're hiring (so admittedly, not right now for  
most)... and that's a plus for ChiPy members as well in all sorts of  
obvious ways.

Moving the meeting has worked well for years and I think there's  
little need to mess with what's not broken.  I certainly hope Sully's  
is a frequent location as it sounds good, but as I said, if it ain't  
broken[1], don't try to fix it.

[1] By most measures, beyond Carl's objections, it's not really all  
that broken.  We rarely have to fight to get a venue, most venues work  
well.  Some venues create their own draws, i.e.: Google and  
apparently, Sully's -- but if you insist on sticking with one you'll  
potentially miss the draw of the others which may not overlap 100%.


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