[Chicago] March -> Depaul or Sully's

Massimo Di Pierro MDiPierro at cs.depaul.edu
Fri Mar 6 16:17:29 CET 2009

Hi Brian,

I am in Washington for a  meeting locked in a room for a few more  
hours. This is why I have answered previous questions and I have  
emailed you last week about this. I will not be able to to do anything  
until Monday. Sorry.


On Mar 6, 2009, at 9:10 AM, Brian Ray wrote:

> Massimo,
> Where you able to book a conference room for the meeting next week?
> As you probably saw, there were logistical issues with the DePaul
> venue, for some. Similarly, there are logistical issues with *every*
> venue, for some, since ChiPy is attractive to such a large variety of
> people. Nevertheless, we are so thankful to you for providing the
> venue and the opportunity to host.
> Generally, we are also greatful for the opportunity to review more
> than one venue.  This is a better positing to be in than to worry
> about finding any venue. Having no venue, worries me. In turn, having
> many choices of venue's is a good position to be in and we want to
> thank all those who have hosted Chipy, past or present.
> I spoke with Paul about holding our meeting at Sully's this month or
> next. He basically said we are always welcome.  Likewise, he would
> consider hosting an after hour's party for PyCon.  I will probably be
> pinging the PyCon Organizer's list, regarding this.   So, to make a
> long story short, we will have plenty of opportunities to hold future
> meetings at Sully's.  Likewise, I do like the idea of moving meetings
> around, so we are always open to finding new venues or revisiting old
> ones.
> Thanks again for you help and continued support of Chipy. No worries
> if you can not host, we will go back to Sully's.
> Kind Regards,
> Brian Ray

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