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On Wednesday, August 29, 2012 at 12:49 PM, sheila miguez wrote:
> Okay, the job mail flood prompts me to ask:
> Do companies have trouble finding python programmers? If so, why? What
> should we do about it, if anything?
There is a major lack of talent nation wide for programmers in general. One of the founders of 1871 told us, "The unemployment for developers in Chicago must be 1%".

So it's not an issue of Python programmers, it's an issue of programmer. Here is my personal guess. There were a ton of people getting CS degrees during the last bubble. Many just to ride the bubble. Well, it popped. So many people moved on to other careers.

The job market was low, but so was the amount of talent. Well, the market is going up again, but there is a mismatch of talent. For a while many companies tried outsourcing. That didn't work so well.

So we're left with a big vacuum of real talent. Combine this with every company wanting you to move out to the valley, which is a no-go for many in a job pool where the median age is going up (hard to just pick up a family), and you see the predicament.

Even supar hot startups like OpsCode are outsourcing because they can't find talent, even telecommute.

> I've been approached before by people looking for python programmers
> who were having trouble finding people. I'd like to have howtos to
> point them to. like, how to make your company a place where people
> want to work. or, how to mentor students and new developers such that
> you have a bigger pool of people to recruit from.
> stuff like that. does that already exist?
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> sheila
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