[DB-SIG] Newbie ODBC question

Patrick Phalen python-list@teleo.net
Sun, 9 Apr 2000 15:44:01 -0700

:: On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, jmcgraw wrote:
:: > I've developed a small application on NT with Gadfly, but am in serious need
:: > for speed.  I'm considering using MySQL, but
:: > am baffled as to what exactly I need to do to connect to MySQL from Python.
:: > I've downloaded/installed MyODBC, and I noticed that my Python/Win32
:: > installation has an ODBC module...what next?

If speed is the need, you might also look at Metakit
(http://www.equi4.com). In certain situations, Metakit can beat all
comers (but can, in others, be dog slow). Depends on your application.

But since installation for Python is laughably simple, you can test it
out without breaking a sweat.