[DB-SIG] [ANN] pyPgSQL 2.1 released

Kevin Cole kjcole@gri.gallaudet.edu
Thu, 6 Jun 2002 09:34:03 -0400 (EDT)

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Does anyone know if psycopg is available as an RPM that works well with
the Red Hat's PostGreSQL RPM's?  Since I *LIKE* databases, I strongly
prefer to have all the toys I install set up as RPM's rather than
straight tarballs, cuz it does a really nice job of keeping track of
things. I even had the beginnings of a nice little RPM to PostGreSQL
converter at one time... (Never used .deb's, but someday I probably

On 6 Jun 2002, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:

> i think this question risks to start a flame but.. i think the main
> difference between pyPgSQL and psycopg is that the first is built in two
> layers (python bindings to libpq and dbapi module over it) while psycopg
> does everything in pure C and in a single module (that's because psycopg
> was designed for speed).
> now something about psycopg: psycopg 1.0.8 has proven to be really fast
> and it always release the global lock before any time-consuming task,
> because it was born for multi-threaded applications. it is also very
> stable and used in some large production environments. it includes
> support for user-defined typecasting objects (you can write your own in
> python and have them convert postfres types for you, that's how the
> zpygresDA layer has been implemented).
> psucopg 1.1 (development branch) supports for async queries (you can mix
> both dbapi sync queries and async ones using the same api), notifies,
> copy to/copy from and other postgresql specific stuff.

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