[Distutils] bdist_rpm and RPM 2

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Sun, 4 Jun 2000 11:37:33 -0400

OK, I've tried out "bdist_rpm" with RPM 2 on my Red Hat 5.2 system.
I had to make "rpm_base" an option to "bdist_rpm", so now I run this:

  ./setup.py bdist_rpm --rpm2-mode --rpm-base=/scratch/rpmtest

because my /etc/rpmrc is this:

  topdir: /scratch/rpmtest
  pgp_path: /home/greg/.pgp
  signature: pgp
  pgp_name: Greg Ward <gward@python.net>

With this change, bdist_rpm successfully launches RPM, which unpacks and
builds.  Things start to awry with the pseudo-installation, though: it
appears that RPM 2 doesn't know about the %_tmpdir macro.  I'll attach
the complete output of running "bdist_rpm" on the Distutils, compressed
because it's quite big (40k).  (Both the Distutils and RPM are very
verbose: this is a feature, dammit!)

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