[Distutils] Network Admin Full Python 2.0 Setup

Mark Evans Mark Evans <mark.evans@clarisay.com>
Wed Oct 25 16:59:01 2000

As a network admin with dozens of machines to configure, how do
you recommend I proceed.  The machines will need the following basic

- Python 2.0 Final (BeOpen version)
- win32all-135
- wxPython 2.2
- NumPy 17.0

The distutils, unfortunately, will only work for NumPy.  My
question is about the basic Python system and the other add-ons.

My thought is that a Python script on some preconfigured master
PC could read its own install.log and perform, line by line, the
actions indicated, including file copies and Windows registry

Please send any answers to my email address as I have not
subscribed to the SIG.


Mark Evans