[Distutils] distutils on OS X?

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Fri Nov 9 09:47:01 2001

> I'm on 10.1 and there's is no way back. Unfortunately most
> of the Cocoa developer tools also don't work anymore... 
> which is an ugly Apple move IMHO, that forces people to 
> download 180 MB after registering in their developers pro-
> gram, I'm told... sigh!

If you mean that you are running 10.1, but still using the old 10.0 
development tools then I understand why you get funny errors. Running the old 
development tools under 10.1 is something that Apple explicitly says will not 

It stands to reason, if you think of it: the shared library format has changed 
to allow two level namespaces, and those new shared libraries are installed 
with 10.1. However, your old 10.0 linker has absolutely no knowledge of the 
format of two level namespace libraries...

Once you've installed the 10.1 developer tools, if you want to support 10.0 as 
well as 10.1 you should read the Two-Level Namespace Executables release note. 
It explains how to do it, and what the pitfalls are.
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