[Distutils] distutils on OS X?

Dinu Gherman gherman@darwin.in-berlin.de
Fri Nov 9 11:24:01 2001

Jack Jansen <jack@oratrix.nl>:

> It stands to reason, if you think of it: the shared library format has
> changed 
> to allow two level namespaces, and those new shared libraries are
> installed 
> with 10.1. However, your old 10.0 linker has absolutely no knowledge of
> the 
> format of two level namespace libraries...

Well, I didn't know in detail... I checked my update CD-
ROM and indeed: it has 621 MB, i.e. no more space left for 
dev tools! Maybe they should start releasing DVDs only? 
After all, I think Apple will hardly sell any more boxes 
without! ;-)

BTW, I've got a 0.2 version of a Python PackageMaker tool,
although it does *not* use distutils yet! So far it kind of
works ok, but there seem to be little issues left mostly 
with respect to permissions (I guess). Also, the total file 
sizes of the unzipped root package directory and the zipped 
archive needs to be evaluated somehow, although I think it
can be faked for the beginning.

If somebody wants to give it a try and knows 'pax' and 
OS X's 'bom' stuff a little better than I do, let me know
and I'll email you what I have.