[Doc-SIG] Translating sample programs in documentation

Xuan Wu fromwheretowhere.service at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 14:42:04 EDT 2018

>>>> Instead of just my personal preference, benefits of using identifiers in
>>>> native languages seem to have been proven long time ago, as stated in the
>>>> rationale part of PEP 3131.
>>> I think "enabling" to do it and "encouraging" to do it have different bar.
>>> So I don't agree PEP 3131 is enough reason to do it.
>> I'd rather not start a debate about whether the benefits are big enough to
>> 'encourage' the practice rather than just 'enabling' it, because it depends
>> on too many factors like language differences and personal experiences.
>> Similar to PEP 3131, here I'm just asking to support such practice when
>> translating official documentation, but certainly not enforcing it. IMO this
>> feature would be potentially beneficial for other languages too.
> If support it for Chinese and you translate it, all Chinese readers
> are affected.
> But the document should be maintained by sustainable team, not only you.
> That's why I want team's conclusion before trying it on docs.python.org.

As pointed out before in this thread, there are workarounds if one 
really want to see original code, and we also started discussing 
technical ways to enable more convenient switching.
Clearly you want to avoid naming identifiers in your native language. 
Like I said I have no intention to change your mind, but I only hope you 
could keep an open mind to bear with others using other languages who 
want to try this practice.
Seems single contributor in other language like Korean was able to make 
the goals to add it to language switcher. So I don't think it's impossible.
> Additionally, it requires much effort of us.  I don't want to pay my effort
> only for trying idea of just one person.

I'll certainly try to work it out by myself, before asking for help from 
those who are interested and willing to give a hand. Once again, I'm 
*not* asking other language teams to follow the same practice. Besides, 
based on feedback from this thread and the other one in python-dev that 
shows support for this idea, it's definitely not just one person's idea.
> The Transifex project is used only for Japanese.  It is maintained
> by me and @cocoatomo.  It is not official project of PSF or doc-sig yet.

If so, I'd follow your suggestion to create my own project on Transifex 
or use other translation tools.
> To build official language team, you meed to read PEP 545.
> https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0545/

According to "New Translation Procedure", could I sign up as a 
single-person team for now, and look for teammates during the way?


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