[docs] an offer of proofreading

Chris Jewell chrisj at puffin.com
Thu Jul 5 20:10:34 CEST 2012

Good day,

I propose to read through at least the Library Reference (and perhaps
more of the documentation) for 3.2.3, and send suggested corrections.

Will it be best to send diffs of the .html files (which I would
usually read anyway) or the plain text?  Or are there source files
from which you generate all of the distributed docs, and for which the
diffs would be more useful?

I started the process with the Lib Ref for an earlier version of
Python 3 (as a way of learning the differences between Python 2 and
3), but was interrupted before I got around to sending the
corrections, and never got back to it.  I expect that many of the
issues with the earlier version have been corrected by now, but I'll
see what I can find.

Thank you.

Chris Jewell      chrisj at puffin.com

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