[Edu-sig] "Croquet Project" and Python ?

francois schnell francois.schnell at free.fr
Thu Oct 21 23:30:45 CEST 2004

>Perhaps irrevocably prejudiced by Mr. Kay's decision to wittingly or
>unwittingly assist Disney in their effort to become a force in education for
>dollars, I for one feel little affinity with the Squeak community. And I
>promise you that I am the furthest thing from a Free Software
>fundamentalist, an anarchist, an anti-Globalist or an anti-Capitalist.  It
>is in fact because I believe I understand something about hardball business,
>from the inside, that I found nothing adorable about this particular
 From what I know I believe Disney don't have any more part to play in 
Squeak and Alan Kay works  in HP.
I'll will try to get more info on this.

If  you have a look at the croquet licence I would say it's very GPL to me:
Then I'm not very afraid of what you discribe.

>We have to understand the kind of power we are talking about.  It is
>generally acknowledged that Disney has had clear influence on US copyright
>and trademark law and policy. Many feel, in detriment to policies that would
>better benefit the common good.
I fully agree with you and I advise everybody to read "The future of 
ideas" of Laurence Lessig.
But can they succeed to control an emergent system ? It depends of all 
of us and or capacity to organise :

>Is the Squeak community actually surprised that there is someone like myself
>out there with these sentiments?  That, to me, would itself be surprising.
Like I said I'm not very much in. Like the song "I'm free like a bird" 
and I like to evolve in my opinions and experinces.
I'm following Squeakland, croquet and squeak-fr mailing liste (not 
squeak-dev anymore) and I know few french Squeak good fellows. I'll ask 
but I always try to avoid to fire community wars (it's often a lost of 
time for the projects themselves).
Otherwise I respect people/community who/which do (rather than talk of) 
things and Alan Kay / Squeak/ Croquet belongs to them (even if I 
desagree on important points to me and I expressed already that on their 


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