[Edu-sig] New Python website

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 01:47:35 CET 2006

I see the long-planned reskinning of the Python website is finally
going down.  edu-sig is as good a place as any to check out the
handsome new template:

I'm glad I had the foresite to put a direct link to this archive at
the very bottom of the page, as that direct relationship to a SIG mail
list and archive appears to have been severed (used to be upper left
-- check archive.org).

Also, I don't see any direct attribution to me, as the page
maintainer, which is good, because my SVN pipeline was broken anyway. 
I'd become a mere figure-head, another faceless name around campus.

So I'm off the hook, swimming free.

I still freely admit to enjoying Python though -- so charming.  And
I'm really in to Pythonic Mathematics, same as always, with a Buckyian

Scott, I connected with your friend J. Orr @ Willamette.  Salem is
obviously well supported from Portland, should that tiny CS faculty
want to work with livewire snake charmers, seasoned, experienced.  We
should fire up PORPIG again.  OSCON approacheth.


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