[Edu-sig] IronPython 1.0 on Slashdot

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 01:16:25 CEST 2006

As someone consistently upbeat about .NET and Mono (pronouced moe no,
not mah no), I share Jim's excitement for the future.  Will this be
the last year I teach CPython for Saturday Academy? (I doubt it).


>From Slashdot:

"IronPython version 1.0 was just released after 3 years of
development. Jim Hugunin, the creator of Jython and the lead developer
of the Shared Source IronPython, made the birth announcement earlier
this week. From the announcement: 'I wanted to understand how
Microsoft could have screwed up so badly that the CLR was a worse
platform for dynamic languages than the JVM... I found that Python
could run extremely well on the CLR — in many cases noticeably faster
than the C-based implementation. [...] Shipping IronPython 1.0 isn't
the end of the road, but rather the beginning. Not only will we
continue to drive IronPython forward but we're also looking at the
bigger picture to make all dynamic languages deeply integrated with
the .NET platform and with technologies and products built on top of
it. I'm excited about how far we've come, but even more excited by
what the future holds!'"


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