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Thu Sep 7 02:03:56 CEST 2006

> As someone consistently upbeat about .NET and Mono (pronouced moe no,
> not mah no), I share Jim's excitement for the future.  Will this be
> the last year I teach CPython for Saturday Academy? (I doubt it).
> Kirby
>>From Slashdot:

Blame me for the slashdot post. IronPython is an amazingly-true-to-Python
implementation. They could have done many evil things (still could) but
didn't. There are some issues, but, like Jim and Kirby, have high hopes:

- the license is "shared source" but is very open and mostly free of

- there is no GUI that will work across Python implementations. A cool
project would be to make a standard that would work in Jython, IronPython,
and CPython

- the Mono group is working on Windows Forms, even though that is not part
of the .NET standard. If that is successful, this could be the common GUI

- IronPython runs great on Mono

I'm working on porting our Python Robotics and associated AI code to

I think .NET is going to be big in Linux. I hope Guido @ Google and Jim @
Microsoft continue to work towards such common good.


> "IronPython version 1.0 was just released after 3 years of
> development. Jim Hugunin, the creator of Jython and the lead developer
> of the Shared Source IronPython, made the birth announcement earlier
> this week. From the announcement: 'I wanted to understand how
> Microsoft could have screwed up so badly that the CLR was a worse
> platform for dynamic languages than the JVM... I found that Python
> could run extremely well on the CLR — in many cases noticeably faster
> than the C-based implementation. [...] Shipping IronPython 1.0 isn't
> the end of the road, but rather the beginning. Not only will we
> continue to drive IronPython forward but we're also looking at the
> bigger picture to make all dynamic languages deeply integrated with
> the .NET platform and with technologies and products built on top of
> it. I'm excited about how far we've come, but even more excited by
> what the future holds!'"
> http://developers.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/09/06/2134234&from=rss
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