[Edu-sig] The fate of raw_input() in Python 3000

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 17:12:22 CEST 2006

On 9/8/06, Douglas S. Blank <dblank at brynmawr.edu> wrote:
> Kirby,
> As a teacher, I don't have time to argue over on python-dev what should
> and should not be included in the language. And don't want to! I am
> thinking of our "petition nonsense" as a data point for those people
> that do take the time over on python-dev to figure out the best thing to
> do next, and I'll trust them.

As a teacher, I don't want other teachers meddling with our snake on a
"don't have time" basis -- except in their individual capacities.  As
"petition signers" I have no interest in them.

> It seemed to at least a few people on the list that python-dev'ers may
> not have fully considered the ramifications of this particular change in
> regards to teaching. We simply want to let them know about this
> oversight. John has written probably the best-selling textbook for intro
> Python; if he is concerned, then they should at least take a second look
> at it (whatever "it" might be.)

John gets my respect and attention, but that doesn't mean he adds any
weight to his views by circulating a petition (which, for the record
*he has not done*).  The minute he politicizes it in this way, I start
to lower my opinion.

> As far as I understood the discussion about removing "print", it was to
> remove it as an expression and add it as a function. This is a good move
> (in my opinion) because it is now even more parallel with input(), and
> makes more sense, and makes it more useful. If the discussion was to
> turn "print" into "sys.stdout.write()" then I think some teachers would
> again be upset, and rightly so. Maybe they should rename it output()
> though. :)

I'm sick of these "teachers" you keep talking about.  They should all
just go away, and let the real programmers have their jobs.  Don't
even *think* about teaching Python if you haven't coded in it
professionally and made real money off it.  That's closer to my
attitude than "oh, the teachers are upset, we should care."

> Now, it's time for the semester to begin... ACK
> -Doug

I hope we continue ignoring "teachers" completely, but not John Zelle.
 I also listen to Arthur and Dethe.


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