[Edu-sig] The fate of raw_input() in Python 3000

Douglas S. Blank dblank at brynmawr.edu
Fri Sep 8 17:39:42 CEST 2006

kirby urner wrote:


> I'm sick of these "teachers" you keep talking about.  They should all
> just go away, and let the real programmers have their jobs.  Don't
> even *think* about teaching Python if you haven't coded in it
> professionally and made real money off it.  That's closer to my
> attitude than "oh, the teachers are upset, we should care."

Wow. What list was this again? This response seems just a tad beyond 
"passionate." Some might find it even hostile. I think I must have 
misunderstood the goals of this mailing list.

Individuals can send their own comments, whatever they may be, to 
python-dev. I'm going away, as requested. The noise to signal ratio here 
is pretty high, and now I fear I have contributed to that.

You can find me over at edupython at googlegroups.com.


>> Now, it's time for the semester to begin... ACK
>> -Doug
> I hope we continue ignoring "teachers" completely, but not John Zelle.
> I also listen to Arthur and Dethe.
> Kirby

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