[Edu-sig] Scratch interface for Python, and network programming games.

Clare Richardson clare at girlstart.org
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There's an intro CS course at UT Austin that has an assignment where
students create "critters" that can eat each other, etc, and the
students in the class have a big tournament to see whose critter is the
last man standing.  This is often the favorite assignment of the
semester, and many students from past years even come back for the

The assignment comes in two parts:
1) Write an interpreter for the "Critter language"
2) Define your own Critter in the Critter language

The class assignment is in Java, but could easily be turned into Python.

The project description and code are on this page:

Clare Richardson
Technology and Program Coordinator

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Hi Dethe-

I have been thinking of exactly the same thing--a Scratch type  
environment for Python.  And I've also purchased a Nintendo DS  
development kit, hoping to make a Python to Nintendo DS development  
system.  Haven't had time to work on it though with my summer  
classes.  I should have more time in the fall, perhaps we can  

My biggest interest on the Scratch/Python angle right now is to  
develop some team programming games.  I.e. you write a program using  
Python raw or Python via a Scratch interface for beginners, and then  
you throw your program into the ring via the network and have it  
compete against other students.

Winston Wolff
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