[Edu-sig] edu-sig page is orphaned?

Jurgis Pralgauskis jurgis at akl.lt
Fri Oct 31 14:20:58 CET 2008


in Resources PyBiblio link leads to Error 404
IDLE "page" looks also strange (though I understand it doesnt have
direct dependence from edusig page)

Software Carpentry leads to old page (as I know http://swc.scipy.org/
is quite newer)

PyGeo link is also error 404 http://pw1.netcom.com/~ajs/

in the editors section PyScripter is a must (it is the best opensource
pyeditor I know on windows for intermediate students)
- PyScripter http://wiki.python.org/moin/PyScripter

- Crunchy http://crunchy.sourceforge.net/ is very nice project

For more fun programming (somewhere close to PyGame):

- PyGlet  http://www.pyglet.org/
- MakeBot (http://mail.python.org/pipermail/edu-sig/2008-October/008808.html

- no mention of Turtle, why?!!
now should be ;)
and alongside I know a book, thtat uses turtle a lot

edusig mailinglist addres could be at the top, as this is main spot of
activity :)

I hope, that smb, that is responsible for edu-sig page,
could quite easily integrate (some of) these proposals :)

Jurgis Pralgauskis
Don't worry, be happy and make things better ;)

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