[EuroPython] Todo list for euro python and zope conf.

Alastair Burt burt@dfki.de
08 Feb 2002 12:54:56 +0100

"M.-A. Lemburg" <mal@lemburg.com> writes:

> Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:
> >=20
> > THe ASWAD team has had much success in preparing its documents for a re=
> > proposal directly in structured text in a cmf wiki prepared by Alastair=
> > (thanks again Alastair). THanks to him, it was possible to extract
> > automatically the text into a pdf of html file to be exported or mailed.

The way I did it was not very sophisticated.=20

  - The Wiki had a Python call to return an HTML verison of the Wiki page
    without the comments at the bottom.

  - I used Zope's templating language to stitch the HTML together into one
    big file.

  - For tables etc., I forgot the structured text and just used HTML

  - I passed the HTML to "html2ps":http://www.tdb.uu.se/~jan/html2psug.html
    to get a PostScript file.

  - I passed the PostScript to
    "ps2pdf":http://stat.tamu.edu/doc/gs/Ps2pdf.htm to get the final PDF.

The resulting document looks reasonably clean -- you can use style sheets
with html2ps, and TeX hyphenation files. A more politically correct
architecture would be to generate XML-FOP code directly from the structured
text DOM tree, but I did not have the time to hack that up.

> > I would suggest putting a TODO management tool (what has to be done, wi=
> > what urgency/priority, who will do it ...) in place too. I don't know s=
uch a
> > zope tool yet, but I am very intrested in getting to know such a produc=
t, and
> > I would suspect it not to be too difficult to develop in zope for someo=
ne who
> > knows zope better than I am.
> That would be nice, however, we don't have time to wait for someone
> to write up such a tool. Let's just use a plain text file (or wiki)
> for this.

I used a Zope Wiki hack here, too. If you put the WikiName ToDoAlastair in
Wiki pages that Alastair has to fill out, then 'ToDoAlastair/backlinks'
will give you a clickable list of all those pages.

I must say, I quite like structured text and Wikis, but not everyone
does. Many of the ASWAD partners just emailed me .doc files of content that
I pasted into the Wiki myself.

--- Alastair

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