[EuroPython] Todo list for euro python and zope conf.

Andy Robinson andy@reportlab.com
Fri, 8 Feb 2002 12:40:55 -0000

>   - I passed the PostScript to
>     "ps2pdf":http://stat.tamu.edu/doc/gs/Ps2pdf.htm to get the final PDF.
> The resulting document looks reasonably clean -- you can use style sheets
> with html2ps, and TeX hyphenation files. A more politically correct
> architecture would be to generate XML-FOP code directly from the 
> structured
> text DOM tree, but I did not have the time to hack that up.

Work out the requirements and a mockup of what you would like,
and ReportLab will produce tools to go straight from source 
to PDF in one step in Python. The company boss is on the committee, 
and it's what we do for a living after all :-)

Likewise we would be happy to make web wizards to let people
generate/preview their conference badges, programs which canm
be rebuilt from source in seconds etc.

- Andy Robinson
p.s. off line now until late tonight