[EuroPython] Re: [EuroPython] I asked Jacob Hall?n how long it would take to make a non profit society in Sweden.

Andy Robinson andy@reportlab.com
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 15:21:10 -0000

> That said, one main question remains as to what we're
> actually founding:
>   * an organization dedicated to the organization of EuroPython
>     *conferences*
>   * a more general organization about Python in Europe that
> happens to
>     also organize conferences; i.e. a EuroPython Foundation.

I think there are good grounds for having the second, one day.
In the UK and US, clubs, societies and companies all must have
some kind of charter saying "what they are for", but this can
be a vague sentence which leaves both options open.

BTW, I know a team at a large consulting firm who regularly apply
for and get large EU research grants.  They put together some
academics, some developers and some vague requirements from the EU,
and initiate and manage large projects.  What prevented ReportLab
being involved so far was that they need "partners" who are
(a) European and (b) non-profit.  If such a foundation existed, there
is a good chance it could be a partner in such projects and used
to get some money and even employ Python developers one day.

IF things are looking suitably non-chaotic nearer the time,
I will try to get the relevant firm to attend the conference.
They nearly made it to LSM last year, but the lack of a business
focus turned them off at the last moment.

- Andy Robinson