[EuroPython] FYI: Chat wrapup

Paul Everitt paul@zope-europe.org
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 20:05:14 +0100

Howdy.  Tonight a few of us got together on IRC (#europython at
irc.freenode.net) to talk about EPC2003.  Here are some notes from the

1) At various times we had Tom, Martijn, Nicolas Chauvat, Michael, and

2) We talked a little about the fees.

3) Several of us agreed that we do not like the split between the
    business track and hacker track.  Let them mingle, and let's try to
    keep costs low and consistent.  If necessary, have a different
    track.  Nicolas Chauvat, who proposed it, agrees to drop it.

4) Recommendation: keep fees lower, keep expenses lower, and raise the
    non-early-bird rate.

5) Priorities: tracks and track champions.  Paul agreed to do the
    cat-herding on getting the tracks page under control.

6) Next: keynotes and press release.

7) Martijn explained what is involved in being a track champion.
    (Answer: sedatives.)

8) We killed the web services track and I removed it from the tracks

Based on this, expect some more emails.

In summary, this chat worked *perfectly*.  Some people wandered in, we
tackled some issues, and I even made a change to the tracks page
during the discussion.  We didn't solve *everything*, but we did solve
some things.

See some of you (hopefully) tomorrow at 10h00 Paris time.