[EuroPython] EuroPython Website

Tom Deprez tom@aragne.com
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 13:42:09 +0100

> The switch to the i18n tal namespace could help. Note that
> you still need a backend, Localizer+TranslationService is
> an option, maybe there are others.

Interesting to hear.

> The other multilingual part is the content, here it will be
> harder to find alternatives to Localizer. Actually, this was
> the most problematic part, the problem are the applications
> that are built without i18n in mind, you can just add i18n
> at the end. For example, the ZPatterns based applications
> were the hardest thing to internationalize.

Well, Joachim made a new version of his product which makes the ZPatterns
dependency obsolete.
So this is good news for i18n

> Anyway, if we want to support non latin-1 langauges, an
> update to Zope 2.6 and Localizer 1.0 should be done.

Plans are under the way. On Joachim's request we move first to 2.5.1, so he
can make a transition of the older information and then we upgrade to 2.6

> Another suggestion, no more images with localizable text.

Can you give an example on what you mean or how to solve it (my i18n
experience is low!)

> I hope to help with the i18n as I did last year, I expect
> to have time later in February.

Great! Nice to hear!

> Another important thing, the 2002 web site should live in a
> different Zope instance. Otherwise it is very likely we will
> break it when we build the 2003 web site (because of software
> updates, etc..)

I'll see if this is possible. I hope Amaze is willing to give us two

> Once this is done, I think the site should migrate to Zope 2.6
> and Localizer 1.0, the TranslationService product should be
> installed too.

Will do. As said above, we first go to 2.5.1 than probably to 2.6

> And please, anybody developing an application for the web site,
> think about i18n.

Do you have any information etc on what the things are we need to keep in
Some sort of  i18n style guide. This is important for people not used to
make i18n projects.