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Juan David Ibáñez Palomar j-david@noos.fr
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 18:29:49 +0100

Tom Deprez wrote:

>>Another suggestion, no more images with localizable text.
>Can you give an example on what you mean or how to solve it (my i18n
>experience is low!)

An example, see:


There are two buttons, "Use filter" and "Reset filter", they
are images, there is no reason for them to be images, they
could be just submit input elements. Being images they are
much more difficult to internationalize and localize.

>>And please, anybody developing an application for the web site,
>>think about i18n.
>Do you have any information etc on what the things are we need to keep in
>Some sort of  i18n style guide. This is important for people not used to
>make i18n projects.

Basically, for the interfaces, if you use ZPT then just use
the i18n namespace syntax, Localizer would be the backend and
TranslationService is the glue that makes ZPT and Localizer
work together.

For the localizable content (example, the description of a talk),
you have to provide a version for each language and a web interface
to change them. Then, when requested you have to send the right
language version based on a language negotiation policy, to be
consistent the same language negotiation system must be used across
all the web site, I guess this means to use the Localizer language
negotiation services.

It is also posible to use the facilities provided by Localizer
to implement the storage and maybe the web interfaces of the
different language versions for the content, for example the
LocalPropertyManager class, etc..

I'm sorry I'm not going to write the documentation here, but
feel free to make any particular question.

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