Thoughts on Executive Committee? (Was Re: [EuroPython] Version 0.0.1 of CFP announcement)

Tom Deprez Tom Deprez" <
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 20:03:37 +0100

Okay one more try.
Honoustly, I think it would only be better if everybody who wants to
help, now and then pops up at the IRC channel.
Lot's of discussions start on the IRC and it would give the full
background if you've been there.
Most people need to work and can't be there... well guess what... we
need to work too... I've no company, I've no benefits
(earnings/contracts) from the last EPC. I'll probably have no benefits
for this conference.... makes me think why I even try to help...

>>> MAL brings up a point that should be addressed pronto.  Do we want
>>> an
>>> Conference Executive Committee?  If so, who is it and what is their
>>> responsibility?


> To make decision if time is short you only need one person. The one
> that makes decision. In my opinion, there is a single person that's
> eligible, Denis Frere, who is taking all the risks with his
> association P3B and with local organisation.

All correct. And this was also the idea...  I think everybody agrees on
this. We're talking about another committee. The people who make sure
the things get done...

> It sounds like he has a lot to do already and not much time to spend
> on the list, but he should be the "executive committee" himself.

Mostly I'm the go between with Denis and the list. ie I pass him the
most important information. But.... lot's of things keep left behind and
it are these things which need to be decided.... otherwise there is no
need for the 'executive committee' in your sence of the word, since
there won't be an EPC.
How many people come to the IRC? How many people respond regulary to the
mails? I can count them on 1 hand...

> Others are nice guys that spend time helping and that will make the
> thing real.
> Denis/P3B is the one that paid last year to fill the small deficit,
> Denis/P3B will take risks with money this year again. Denis decides,
others help.

I'm not going into discussions here. But, to be honoust, it would have
helped if companies helped to pay the small deficit of last year. Are
there companies today who wants to sponsor (except the last one of
Andrew, to which we all should be gratefull)?

>>> b. Dunno
> Denis' responsibility is to take decisions when needed.
> Others' responsibility is to make sure the whole thing happens and
> never rely on Denis to do all the work.