[EuroPython] Very rough budget

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Tue Jan 13 20:08:28 EST 2004

With the attached budget, which is based on a number of assumptions that may 
not hold perfectly true, since we will be making decisions about them on 
Thursday and at meetings after that, I would propose the following price 

Track chairs and people manning vital functions (front desk, tech support, 
general organisation)

Keynote speakers

50 Euro(partial food cost)

Students, Early bird (cutoff 1 May?)
100 Euro

Early birds (cutoff 1 May?)
150 Euro

Students, preregistration (cutoff 3 June?)
150 Euro

Preregistration (cutoff 3 June?)
200 Euro

Students, at the door
200 Euro

At the door
250 Euro

The calculations are based on 200 paying attendees. I have no figures for 
distribution between the different categories, but I am assuming that on 
average we will get just a little more than what a regular early bird pays. 
This is probably overly pessimistic, but it gives some room for error in the 
calculations. If we get fewer participants, we can do some savings by 
reducing room sizes and by reducing catering ambitions a bit. If we get more 
participants, some money should go to subsidising interesting speakers and 
some money should be saved for next year.

On the scale of things, I have reduced all fees above student early bird by 50 
Euro, and added a student regular fee. I considered reducing the student 
fees, but I think that introduces a bit of risk in my calculations.

But again, these figures depend on decisions we make.
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