[EuroPython] Selling EPC on http://www.europython.org

Magnus Lycka magnus at thinkware.se
Wed May 5 16:11:01 EDT 2004

Right now, when Jacob's mail made me think that it would be
really good to try to convince some people to attend EPC,
I start to think about www.europython.org in a different
light... Does it "sell" EPC to visitors? What sells EPC?

I think Mark Shuttleworth, rich as a troll on his Python
programming, traveller to space and sponsor of education
in Africa etc is a selling name.

For Pythonistas, I think Guido van Rossum is a selling name.

The front page doesn't mention either of them. I think
it should. Can someone please make the names of the guest
speakers clearly visible on the front page? (As in previous

I also think they should be mentioned in the list of
approved talks (they are, aren't they? ;) and on the
http://www.europython.org/current/ page which supposedly
tells people everything they need to know about the event.

If we need more sponsors, I also think it should be clearly
visible on the front page that sponsors are welcome, with
clear and simple instructions of what to do. I know I've 
seen it somewhere, and after some browsing I found
but it wasn't as easy as I would have liked. I think we
want a link to that page from the front page as well.

If we want more sponsors, I guess we should change "no 
later than 1 May 2004" to something like "as soon as
possible"... Rather than to mention an admin fee, we
might want to raise all prices 100 eur now. May 1 has

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