[EuroPython] Tonights meeting & update

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Thu May 20 11:39:22 EDT 2004

I mostly have details that need to get brought up today.

Some issues that need to get resolved:

- All staff, track chairs and speakers need to register
I will pester staff, while track chairs will be assigned to pester speakers.

- Do we want speaker biographies in the programme? if so, we need to collect 
the information from the speakers.

- There is a limited possibility of housing more people at SGS. SHould we open 
this option and if so, how do we handle it?

- There is a need to handle out-of-band payments. How can we do this?


I have been working on various things, and most of them are well under 

- For T-shirts, we need the picture in a different format (it is in Shockwave, 
the store wants Adobe Illustrator or EPS). Laura has mailed Vincent about 
this. I haven't decided on colour yet, so you can still put in for your 
favourite one. What you say will affect my choice.

- Mwh started making Python scripts for exporting talk data. I have added to 
this and made a script for exporting people data as well.

- I have gotten an introduction to how the Reportlab conference kit works. We 
will start adding data as soon as possible, so that we can see what the 
programme will look like.

- I'm in contact with our potential sponsors. Activestate has submitted their 
materials. Astra-Zeneca and Wing are still not landed, but can be expected 

- I have entered payment information for all SWIFT payments that I have 
received into the database. I put a code 'M' in the PayResult field (M for 
Manual), I enter payment amount and I enter the date the payment was received 
by the bank. It seems as if the editing forms have a little bug that drops 
the 'Year' field when you do the manual editing. I hope there are no other 
bugs like that, but I can't really tell.

- I have built a script that looks at failed registrations. It looks like a 
few of them may be genuine registrations and the persons making them may not 
be aware that that they have failed. We should check that these people don't 
have a registration that has gone through, and otherwise send them an email.

- I have built a script to analyse the registration data. This is what it 
currently says:

 noregistration  11 people x   0 Euro =     0 Euro
         normal  15 people x 220 Euro =  3300 Euro
          early  99 people x 160 Euro = 15840 Euro
        speaker  37 people x  70 Euro =  2590 Euro
  normalstudent   2 people x 160 Euro =   320 Euro
   earlystudent  13 people x 100 Euro =  1300 Euro
          staff   3 people x   0 Euro =     0 Euro
TOTAL: 23350 Euro

- This brings us to economy. I have updated my budget, and currently it looks 
like we need about 17 full paying people more to break even. This is because 
we have good control over exactly how much we will pay for the conference 
space. The budget is for 2 of the biggest and 2 of the smaller theatre layout 
lecture halls.

- We have received a go-ahead for the conference dinner. Laura and I will meet 
the person handling the event next week.

- For lunches, the enthusiasm from restaurants has not been as big as we 
expected. However, we have 2 options that we know will work. One is to use 
the restaurant of the Student Union, with a tray lunch. The other one is to 
have cold cuts and stuff from an outside caterer. We will try the Student 
Union next week, to see if they provide decent quality. If so, it would be 
the best option for us.

- Badge holders are somewhat delayed, but should not pose a problem.

- I will make a design for badges and tickets and hand off to ReportLab, in 
order to make PDF template that will take participant data.

Budget and scripts for downloading data are enclosed. The people.py script 
needs your Europython user name and password to work properly.

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