[EuroPython] The layout of EPC

Julien Anguenot ja at nuxeo.com
Fri Oct 8 17:55:11 CEST 2004

Exactly It would work like that on a 'stock' CPS3 and will take what... 
n hours to get something working

You may even use CPSTypeMaker to create your presentation content type 
without going to the ZMI ;)


> There is a way to do the whole acceptance implementation in CPS3 without 
> modifying a single line of code:
> It requires in my opinion two roles (tracks reviewer and tracks 
> manager). There were only track reviewers last year and this is what 
> caused all the problems when presentations had to be moved between 
> tracks since no one was then "in charge" for the whole thing.
> This is just a draft, but:
> - create a CPS document template called 'Presentation' with
>  - presentation title
>  - presenters name, presenter's picture (optional) ...
>  - description
>  - attached files ...
>  - start time / end time (to be filled by the tracks managers)
> - set up the tracks as different 'Sections' in CPS3 (i.e. create as many 
> sections as there are tracks)
> - give the track chairs the 'Section reviewer' role on their respective 
> tracks
> - give the conference managers the 'Section manager' role on all the tracks
> - let speakers create 'Presentation' documents in their home workspace 
> and let them publish the presentations into as many tracks as they'd 
> wish to appear in.
>  (set up a local workflow in the tracks sections so that 'Presentations' 
> may only be published in tracks and not anywhere in the site, that's easy)
> - Section reviewers receive an email notification through 
> CPSSubscriptions saying that documents are pending in their tracks 
> waiting for approval.
> - Section reviewers accept / reject the presentation(s)
> - When all presentations have been accepted in the tracks, the section 
> managers can then set presentation dates and times on documents, move 
> presentations between tracks, etc..
> - Speakers get informed through CPSSubscriptions whenever their talk get 
> accepted / rejected / moved to another track ...
>   A same presentation may be accepted by two track chairs in several 
> tracks, then the track manager will have to decide in the end which 
> tracks it fits the best.
> - Use the Calendar box to display the programme of each track  by 
> displaying only the presentation published in the respective tracks.
> - When the whole process is finished, give the anonymous users the 
> 'Section reader' role and everyone can have a look at the programme when 
> it's ready.
> - As regards the layout it can be redone in CPSSkins in a few minutes, 
> and be much faster (the response time on my laptop is now down to 0.07- 
> 0.1s / page with the debug mode on).
> /JM

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