[EuroPython] List of things that need doing

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Tue Apr 5 13:19:33 CEST 2005

Jacob Hallén <jacob at strakt.com> writes:

> Hi!
> I have tried to make an exhaustive list of things that need doing for 
> Europython. I'm sure I haven't gotten everything in it though I think it is 
> fairly complete.
> Please help me making it as complete as possible.
> As I'm sure you can see, this is by far too much work for one person, so 
> please pick up tasks from the list and make them your responsibility.
> This list, and who does what will be the main focus of the meeting tomorrow.
> Jacob
> _________________________________________________________
> T-shirts
> - Get offers for making T-shirts
> - We need a T-shirt design in printable format
> - T-shirt design should be submitted early to printers for mastering
> - T-shirts need to be ordered
> - T-shirts have to be picked up, stored and hauled to the venue
> - T-shirts need to be distributed to attendees

Are, in the grand scheme of things, T-shirts really worth the hassle?

> Programme
> * Reportlab has a module for generating programmes. It takes data from
> a MySQL database.
> - Update static content
> - Make script that exports data from CAPSconference to the MySQL database
> - Create and add more maps for where conference is, where meals are,
>   where banquet is. (See item below)

Don't want to sound pushy, but didn't you do this last year?  Given
that and that you know probably understand CAPSconference better than
most it would probably take you less time than anyone else...

> Schedule
> - Create a nice web template to fill in with schedule content

I did this last year, but don't know how reusable it will be, owing to
not really knowing how this year's site works...

> - Make scheduling based on collision reduction and popularity

Sounds, er, fun...

> Badges and tickets
> - The ticket page from last year needs some re-designing, since
>   we are adding breakfast tickets
> - The printing program needs modification to receive data from
>   CAPSconference instead of from a pickle
> - The printing program should be able to print a single ticket,
>   in order to handle on-site registration
> - Tickets have to be printed
> - Tickets, scedule and promotional materials need bundling and sorting

Again, I think you did this didn't you?

> Internet access
> - Internet access last year was inadequate.

I didn't really think so, but discussion is proceeding apace, it


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