[EuroPython] Europython 2005 talk interests

Marco Seiriö marco at rulecore.com
Wed Jun 8 15:55:57 CEST 2005

Hej Jacob,

Det funkar inte sådär jättebra att registrera sig. Inte heller 
anvisningarna nedan funkar, men det är kanske för att det inte går att 
regga sig. Med inte så många dagar kvar, borde inte schema och keynotes 
vara färdiga sen länge? Tror du inte att många väntar med att se vad som 
händer innan dom bestämmer sig för att åka?

/Marco Seiriö

Jacob Hallén wrote:
> Dear Europython speaker,
> we are missing your registration for the conference. We need all people
> to register, so that we can properly make badges, lunch tickets,
> accounts for the wireless network, etc. If you are coming to Europython
> only to speak and not attend any other event, you may register as a
> "Special invitee" at a zero registration fee.
> Registration is reached through http://www.europython.org
> If you by any chance already have registered, please let us know under
> what name, so that we can link up your atendee registration and your
> speaker registration.
> Best regards
> Jacob Hallén
> Europython head organiser
> After you have registered, you may want to follow the instructions below,
> that were sent to all registered attendees today:
> ___________________________________________________________________________
> Next week, we will be making the schedule for the Europython conference.
> We have a record 111 talks that need sceduling. To help us avoid
> overcrowding rooms and to minimise the number of collisions beween talks
> that you are interested in, we want your input on what talks would like
> to hear.
> This is what you need to do:
> 1. Go to http://www.python-in-business.org/ep2005/interests.html
> 2. Enter your email address in the box near the top. You should use the
>    address this email was sent to.
> 3. Check as many boxes in front of talks as you like. Since you can attend
>    a maximum of 30 talks, it is probably not meaningful to check more than
>    that. If you are a speaker, you should check your own talks.
> 4. Press the "submit" button at the bottom of the form.
> This information will be used for scheduling only. You are not bound by
> what you select and it is not a measurement of the popularity of any specific
> talk. However, we hope that we can improve what you get out of Europython.
> We will be starting the scheduling work on Monday 6 June, so we would like
> to have your selection by then.
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