[EuroPython] Maps to events, accomodation

Mikael Jansson (mailing lists) lists at mikael.jansson.be
Tue Jun 14 09:54:19 CEST 2005

Hi everyone,

School finished for this time, I have time to work on the maps again.


* Requested was (among other things) a map and directions how to get to 
the banquet, but I failed to find information on the web site regarding 
where it's going to be held. Did I just miss it, or is it not there?

* Regarding accomodation, I've decided to create photo-aided travel 
plans for a select few hotels/hostels, namely:
  - SGS Veckobostäder at Utlandagatan 24
  - Nice Bed & Breakfast at Utlandagatan 18
  - Annes Hus at Hjulmakaregatan 35
  - Hotel Lilton at Föreningsgatan 9
  (- Barken Viking at Gullbergskajen)

  covering most conference attendees.

* Directions & map to RunAn and John L:s (i.e., lunch, keynote and 
pub).  Well, trivial as there's a detailed photo guide to Chalmers in 

* What I am -not- covering, however, is how to get around by car as I:
  i) expect most people to not travel by car, and
  ii) don't own a car myself.

Covered thus far is tram/bus transportation from Gothenburg Station and 
Korsvägen (i.e., from Landvetter) to the Chalmers area, which will be 
updated with directions on how to get there from the Stena ferry 
terminal. Furthermore, as there's already quite a lot of informative 
text written on the web site, focus will be on photos.

How's that sound to you?
Mikael Jansson

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