[EuroPython] minutes from the meeting

Michael Hudson micahel at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 15:26:13 CET 2007

Here are the notes that Bea took and I edited from the meeting yesterday.

You can also see them online at

All interested people are invited to read over what we discussed, and
in particular suggestions of keynote speaker would be welcome.

Planning session Europython 2007

:When: 18:00 CET 2007-03-08
:Where: #europython on freenode.net
:Who: mwh, Aiste, SteveA, arigo, pedronis, thisfred, bea

Nick->Real Name Key :)

|mwh      |Michael Hudson            |
|Aiste    |Aiste Kesminaite          |
|SteveA   |Steve Alexander           |
|arigo    |Armin Rigo                |
|pedronis |Samuele Pedroni           |
|thisfred |Eric Casteleijn           |
|bea      |Bea During                |


1. **Discuss and decide on tracks to offer (trackchairs) (so far:
   education track, lightning talk):**

   Decision: three main tracks: lang+lib/web/science+refereed
   Also an parallel Open Space track where we will encourage
   agile, games, educ and such to enter.


   - lang+lib: pedronis (but he needs a co-chair - Bea will try to recruit one)
   - science+refereed: benedicte (XXX Michael - is this his name??) and arigo
   - web: no track chair yet - mwh will try to recruit
   - open space: bea + need to recruit co-chairs (nicolas for the education
     parts that could go here?, others?)
   - lightning talks: Harald

   This fits the facilities in Vilnius: we will have 1 large room and 3
   "smaller" rooms

2. **Discuss and decide on timeline suggested:**


     9th of March         Track chairs and conference organization
(roles) decided upon.
     16th of March        Call for proposals out
                          Website updated and "up and running"
     16th of April        Keynotes announced
     1st of May           Registration opens
     18th of May          Call for proposals closed
     25th of May          Launch of schedule (talk abstracts accepted
and notified)
     31st of May          Early bird registration closes
     25th of June         Normal registration closes
     2nd of July          Online registration closes
     9-11th of July       Conference starts
     12-14th of July      Post sprints


   - mwh and Bea will work on the call for proposals early next week
     (12-14th of March)

   - mwh will talk to Nicolas and Paul regarding if they can make the
     deadline (16th of March) for updating website (note that they
     only need to validate the date - they can sort out infrastructure

   - keynotes: Guido have accepted, ideas for more keynotes were
     discussed (SteveA had several ideas and will check these, mwh and
     Bea will also check) - this needs to be discussed on the
     mailinglist - trawling for good ideas.

3. **Organization/roles:**

   - local organizer: Aiste
   - program chair: mwh
   - conferencier/lightning talks: Harald
   - webwork: Paul, Nicolas
   - registration/budget: ? (mwh and Aiste will check)
   - track chairs: pedronis, arigo, benedicte, bea, nicolas,
   - helping out/misc work: thisfred, John Pinner

4. **Next meeting:** one week from now: 14th of March/18:00 #europython


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