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Ladies and gentlemen, now you can join our Non-Python Partner Program!

We've prepared a specific page dedicated to the program with [guided tours and
visits to museums at cheap rates][1]!

**The Program is open to everybody**, whether you have bought a ticket to the
conference, or not. Conference delegates can of course buy tickets for the
partner program for their partner/family/friends, and join themselves if they
want to escape from the conference to sightsee Florence and the Tuscany

## The Program

You will find two different kind of events in the program: outdoor and city

Outdoor events include a nice bike tour in Florence, and will teach you
wonderful things about Tuscany food and wines, leading you from a guided
tasting of wines to an entire day in the Chianti-shire.

City events are dedicated to Florence as "art city", taking you to visit the
Uffizi, the Duomo, Michelangelo's works, the districts of Santa Maria Novella
and the craftsmen in Florence.

**The program will be active from Saturday 18th**, specifically so that
delegates that want to attend the conference might consider booking the flight
so to arrive in Florence **the weekend before**, and join at least a couple of
tours before the conference begins.

  [Book your tour now!][1]

## Booking Info

All tours are organized by a tour operator; the Python Italia association does
not have any margin on the tickets, and is just organizing and coordinating
the program to improve your staying in Florence.

We need a booking advance of 30€ per person, that you can pay directly within
our website; the balance will be due directly to the tour operator at the
conference desk, before the tour begins.

After you have bought one or more tickets, you will be able to fill in the
name of the exact person that will be attending the tour. Don't forget to do

We really hope that you will enjoy the program and your staying in Florence!

## Shameless plug

[Talk voting][2] closes on Sunday! Make sure to [grab a ticket][3] vote the
talks and help deciding the schedule!

Follow us on [Twitter][4] (@europython) and subscribe to our [RSS feed][5] to
be always updated on EuroPython.

   [1]: http://ep2011.europython.eu/partner-program/

   [2]: http://ep2011.europython.eu/talk-voting/

   [3]: http://ep2011.europython.eu/registration/

   [4]: http://twitter.com/europython

   [5]: http://ep2011.europython.eu/blog/feeds/latest/

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