[IPython-dev] wxIPython0.7 - Linux is a known OS :)

Laurent Dufrechou laurent.dufrechou at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 10:17:37 EST 2007

Hi IPythoners,

Here the last version of WXIpython.
- Problems under linux should be resolved now.(wxGtk textctrl doesn't like
- Added filters on history widget, you can filter ('','!' and '?' commands)
- wx Pager is now thread safe ,linux is less tolerant than windows ;)
  Instead of being called by IPython thread it is managed by wxThread via a
more complex state machine. Any better idea welcomed :)

###### for ipython devs and pyreadline too ######

Will try to put it inside SVN, Fernando,Ville where should I add it?

Joergen,Gael, I would like to make the App Pyreadline aware :)
Where should I start? I've got class WxConsoleView(wx.Panel): that handle
all the text processing, should I try to convert it like ironpython console
class in pyreadline?
Is it what I should do to be pyreadline compatible?If any of you want to
help no problem :)

The app is divided in 3 parts:
WxPython.py that handle the high level GUI.
Ipython_history.py that is a simple widget that is a helper.(basically a
copy/paste buffer)
3 classes inside it:
- class WxConsoleView(wx.Panel) <-- handle all the action on textctrl.
- class IterableIPShell(Thread) <-- will rename it to
This is a thread that receive line to execute and returns history info and
execution info/result.
- class IPythonView(WxConsoleView) <-- create the IPython thread, the
text_ctrl and handle the communication between the thread,the text_ctrl and
the top level GUI via state machine on wx.Idle event.


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