[Mailman-Developers] subscriber profiler patch for mailman-2.0.5

Ricardo Kustner ricardo@rixhq.nu
Fri, 1 Jun 2001 08:12:36 +0200


On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 07:56:40PM +0800, Swee Heng wrote:
> i've written a patch to mailman-2.0.5 that lets it handle subscribers'
> profiles. (is this the "member profiles" feature on the wishlist?)
> this is my first serious attempt at python. so please be warned. :)
> feel free to comment.

looks great to me... maybe this would be a good solution for this much
requested feature for this version of mailman untill we get the database
stuff in mailman 3.0... maybe some of the mailman developers can comment on
this? I can't comment that much on the contents of the patch though it seems
not to have a huge impact on the rest of the code base as far as I can

my comments:
1) the subscribers list on the right could be usefull but if you have a list
with 10k subscribers maybe that's not such a great idea :)
2) am I correct to assume that you can use the MM tags in the templates to
'dynamically' invent the profile field names used?