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Clayton Brown clayton.brown at blueberry.co.za
Mon Jul 18 11:54:11 CEST 2011

Hello Developers at Mailman

Thank you for your advice below, this solves my problem but also creates a
new problem.

The mobility of %(user_delivered_to)s is the issue. Is there something like
an msg_body, where you can compile the html letter and insert
%(user_delivered_to)s. That would obv be perfect.

Right now I have the issue of the msg_footer being inserted as an
attachment, but I have found a solution for that on the internet.
MIMEDefang... you obv know what I am talking about.

Msg_header does not work in MS office, but that won't work either because it
will be at the top of the emailer. See attachment.

Please let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance

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On 7/14/2011 1:18 AM, Clayton Brown wrote:
> Example: There must be a link on the cleansing email that looks like this:
> <a href='www.test.com/subscribe.php?id=recipient at test.co.za'>Opt In</a>
> It will be then easy for me to subscribe the recipient into a subscribe
> database and just create a list afterwards.

If the installation has set


in mm_cfg.py so that the 'personalize' settings appear on the list admin
Non-digest options page and personalize is set to Yes, then either the
replacement %(user_address)s or %(user_delivered_to)s can be used in
either msg_header or msg_footer to receive either the user's lower-cased
email address or case-preserved email address respectively.

Those replacements work only in msg_header and msg_footer. They don't
work in the message body and they don't work in digests.

E.g. You could put

Opt-in <www.test.com/subscribe.php?id=%(user_delivered_to)s>

in msg_footer. This may or may not be rendered as an active link
depending on the users MUA. You can't put an HTML tag in msg_header or
msg_footer, because it will always be in a text/plain part of the message.

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