[Mailman-i18n] how to encode in iso-8859-9 charset

Ben Gertzfield che@debian.org
Mon Nov 4 17:59:19 2002

shawn Erdil wrote:

> i,  have   installed  the ,  revolutionary   2.1b+  version,its  
> perfect, but  one minor  thing , for  me  is the  lack  of  
> iso-8859-9  charset  support.
> i want  to integrate  the  usage  of   turkish  iso- 8859-9  charset  
> encoding  with  the  characters  like,   ,,   c with a comma at  
> the  bottom, s with a  comma at  the  bottom, g with a comma  at  top.
> how  can  i  do  this?
>  how  to  we enable   a  charset,  other  than  writing  templates ?

Mail to and from a list in iso-8859-9 will work just fine, and the HTML 
archives for Pipermail should be able to handle iso-8859-9 emails with 
no problem.

The web and email interfaces have not yet been translated to Turkish, so 
we would need someone (like you!) to translate the Mailman templates and 
catalog files.

Please download the 2.1b4 Mailman source code and read the file 
README-I18N.en if you want to help translate Mailman to Turkish.