[Mailman-i18n] Polish language template files

Mark Dale mark at mailmanlists.net
Wed Jan 18 17:50:16 EST 2017

At the risk of adding uninformed comments into this discussion, I have
installed and tested using the Polish language files in:

1. Mailman 2.1.23 release
2. Stefan's files
2. Mark's files

The test was to view what a user would see when they subscribed to list
that was using Polish - on the webpages and the email they received.

The server is Debian running Nginx, with Postfix and Mailman 2.1.23.

The email used to view the "Subscribed" emails was webmail and desktop

When using the Mailman 2.1.23 release language files, the "question
marks" appear in both the webpages and the emails.

When using Stefan's files, both the webpages and emails display
correctly, showing the Polish letters with their diacritics.

When using Mark's files, the webpages display correctly, but the emails
show the "question marks" in place of the Polish letters.

I thank you both for delving into this issue and I apologise if my
remarks above add nothing to the conversation. I'm way out of my depth
on the subject.


> Perhaps I don't understand, but the OP in this thread had a problem with
> garbled characters in the web UI of a Polish language list which he said
> was solved by installing your utf-8 encoded templates.

> This says to me that he has a Mailman installation where the character
> set for Polish is iso-8859-2, and his web server was overriding that and
> forcing utf-8 thus sending iso-8859-2 encoded characters to the browser
> and claiming they were utf-8.

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