[Mailman-Users] XYZ-owner at other.machine

Janos.Zana at elfiz2.kee.hu Janos.Zana at elfiz2.kee.hu
Thu Apr 1 09:50:29 CEST 1999

On Thu, 1 Apr 1999, Greg Stein wrote:

->Baranyai Laszlo wrote:
->> could you tell me, how can I send letters to the correct address instead
->> of "somebody-owner at somewhere"? I use mailing lists with "elfiz2.kee.hu"
->> and "phd.hu" names [mailman 1.08b]. Members from other servers are not
->In the first sentence you ask how to send letters to "the correct
->address". What do you mean? Are you sending the letter to an address
->that is not working? Can you give an example of an address that you have
->tried, but does not work for you?
->I do not understand the meaning of "elfiz2.kee.hu" and "phd.hu". How do
->those names relate to the problem that you are seeing.
There are two different things.
1. We have virtual hosts. The 'elfiz2.kee.hu' and 'www.phd.hu' are the
same machines. Virtualized by the apache configuration.

2. When I made lists by myself, the mailman created the wrong username.
E.g. I entered 'jzana at hoya.kee.hu' as mailman admin, I found on the list
my E-Mail-address in this form: 'jzana-owner at hoya.kee.hu'!!!

This error occured only when I used OTHER hostnames in the
E-Mail-addresses than our OWN hostname.              Janos Zana

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