[Mailman-Users] Re: Pastfix and Mailman

Wietse Venema wietse at porcupine.org
Mon Apr 5 00:33:42 CEST 1999

Richard B. Pyne:
> I am running postfix 19990330 on my test server and all appears to be 
> working well. I also run Mailman as a mailing list manager. I am 
> preparing to replace sendmail with postfix on my production server 
> that also hosts several virtual domains.
> My question is are there any caviats that I need to be careful of in 
> making this transition? What are the known interactions and/or 
> problems ralated to Postfix/Named Virtual Domains/Mailman?
> I realize that there are some significant differences in the way 
> aliases, Virtual Domains, etc. are configured and handled. Can anyone 
> give an overview of the things I need to wath for and/or change?
> Thank you in advance for any insights.

The differences are small and subtle. The best way to find out if
they are relevant for you is to build a testbed and see how well
things work.

One problem is that the incoming queue fills up when mail arrives
faster than it can be delivered, but I haven't found a solution
for that yet. One possibility is to accept less inbound mail (a
lower process limit for inbound SMTP), but that could upset people
who use netscape etc. to submit mail via the SMTP port and who find
that the SMTP port is dead when the system is busy.


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